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All 17 Jack-Jack powers within the Incredibles 2, defined – CNET


Who wishes The Implausible 4 when we’ve this circle of relatives? Extra films please!


Caution: If you do not need Incredibles 2 spoiled for you, flip away now and cross see it. Proceeding to learn with out seeing the film isn’t any other from donning a cape and preventing crime. Let’s simply say it is ill-advised.

Close to the tip of The Incredibles 2, Mr. Improbable enthusiastically remarks that his youngest son Jack-Jack has “17 powers!” At that second I took it upon myself — with some urging from my CNET colleague Patrick Holland — to check out to call each and every energy featured within the new Pixar movie after seeing it most effective as soon as.

A few of these could be thought to be a stretch, so in the event you spotted any I did not, please point out them within the feedback segment beneath. If I will be able to test them, I will upload them to this listing. Differently I will believe this listing just about canon. 

So, with out additional ado, right here is going.


Jack-Jack could make more than one copies of himself. This occurs no less than 3 times within the movie: as soon as throughout a struggle with a raccoon, as soon as in Edna Mode’s house and as soon as throughout the finale at the boat.

Demon transformation

Jack-Jack turns himself right into a crimson demon-looking factor. This energy seems to be brought on when he will get indignant, particularly when he does not get a cookie. Jack-Jack extensively utilized this energy within the first Incredibles movie.


A typical child is sufficient to stay most of the people sleep-deprived. Believe one with 17 powers!



Jack-Jack bursts into flames, Human Torch-style. He can reputedly nonetheless serve as typically on this state, it is simply that the entirety he touches right away catches fireplace.

Laser eyes

Inexperienced laser beams shoot from Jack-Jack’s eyes. We see this a number of instances throughout the film. The lasers may also be stable beams, or he can shoot them pulse-style.


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Jack-Jack grows many ft taller and wider reputedly at will. He additionally seems to change into so much more potent on this state.

Size hopping

Jack-Jack can traverse via other dimensions. When within the different dimensions (it is implied within the film there are a couple of he travels to), folks in his personal size can nonetheless listen him. Sadly we by no means in fact see those different dimensions within the film.

My response when it was once published what number of powers Jack-Jack has. 


Carbon-copy options (metamorphosis)

A couple of mins after assembly Edna, Jack-Jack transforms his facial options to seem like hers. He even replicates her hair.

Tremendous energy

Jack-Jack tussles with and kicks a raccoon transparent throughout his yard as an illustration of his energy. He additionally tosses a couple of garden chairs round one-handed as though they have been small toys.


Regardless of wrestling for a number of mins with a raccoon who has razor-sharp claws, Jack-Jack does not maintain such a lot as a scratch. Bob even mentions this within the film.


Jack-Jack can reputedly make himself weightless and more or less floats round uncontrollably. It is not actually flight, extra only a zero-g glide.

That is what it looks as if when atguy with superhuman energy has to chase a child with 17 powers round all evening. Additionally, what I seemed like when my child were given up at four a.m. this morning. 



On no less than two events, Jack-Jack demonstrates restricted telekinesis: as soon as when preventing with the racoon, and as soon as at the boat when he is taking Elastigirl’s goggles off with out touching them.

Sneeze-induced flight

No less than two times, the drive of Jack-Jack’s sneeze propels him into the air like a rocket. Happily he typically makes use of his skill to stroll via partitions sooner than hitting the ceiling.

Electrical energy emission

This occurs for just a cut up 2d within the film. You’ll be able to see it within the GIF beneath. As I recall, he most effective makes use of this energy as soon as.

4 powers in 4 seconds!


Strolling via partitions (and glass)

It is not transparent if Jack-Jack turns into intangible to move via partitions, or if he modifies the bodily homes of the wall so he can stroll via it. Both means, he makes it paintings.

Flip to steel

OK, I admit I did not in fact see this energy demonstrated in The Incredibles 2, however he does flip his pores and skin right into a liquid-metal form of subject matter on the finish of the primary Incredibles film, so I feel it is secure to think he is retained this energy. Yeah, let’s cross with that.


All through the struggle with the raccoon, Jack-Jack turns himself right into a shapeless gelatinous blob that is difficult for the animal to struggle.


This isn’t one among Jack-Jack’s powers…but. 



OK, this one could be a stretch. Jack-Jack turns out no older than 18 months, tops. But after spending a couple of days with Edna he can as it should be mimic her strolling gait and facial expressions. That is other from the metamorphosis energy discussed sooner than. It might be that the child is only a naturally professional mimic (or it would simply be a cool animated film factor), however my child was once no doubt less than this degree at 18 months. It is uncanny.

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