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Managing Components 1 tires is a posh task, right here’s how Pirelli does it – Roadshow

Pirelli has been Components 1’s sole tire provider since 2011 and a part of that function — along with creating tire applied sciences and new compounds — is operating the logistical facet of having groups tires for a race weekend. All over a talk over with to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, I used to be ready to get a peek in the back of the curtain at simply how sophisticated those logistics can also be.

One of the vital essential issues to learn about tires in F1 is that at no level can a race crew have unmounted racing tires in its ownership. Whilst all of the groups are required through the principles to make use of spec tires, with there being a number of to be had compounds to make a choice from at each and every race, there may be nonetheless a substantial amount of secret tire era that is going into an F1 tire and combating business espionage is a concern.

Mounting and balancing nearly 2,000 large tires according to race weekend is a virtually unfathomable problem, however then Pirelli has to stay observe of each unmarried one too.


How then does each and every crew get its tires for the weekend? Smartly, the method begins with a host: 1,600. That is what number of tires all 10 groups are allocated through the F1 laws for a race weekend, and it is no small quantity of rubber, in particular while you imagine the bodily measurement of a Components 1 tire: 305/670-13 for the entrance and 405/670-13 for the rear. And whilst the ones numbers may glance a little bit goofy for the ones of you used to having a look at side road automotive sizes, that is as a result of the second one quantity is a dimension in millimeters, somewhat than a side ratio.

To get this veritable mountain of rubber to each and every race, Pirelli employs considered one of two strategies. For races in and round mainland Europe, Pirelli operates a fleet of vehicles. In reality, Pirelli has extra vehicles in carrier than any exact crew within the sequence. For races out of doors of Europe, Pirelli makes use of sea freight to convey round a half-dozen delivery packing containers stuffed with tires to the observe.

The delivery packing containers arrive effectively ahead of the race weekend, and within the days main as much as the development, groups convey all in their wheels — which might be owned through each and every crew in my opinion — to a devoted tire becoming tent the place Pirelli technicians mount, stability and fill each and every tire through hand, with each and every tire taking round two mins. That works out to round 53.three man-hours for all 1,600 tires.

F1 groups by no means have unmounted tires of their ownership, that is to assist curb business espionage.

Andrew Hone/Pirelli

This procedure is from time to time sophisticated through the truth that no longer all groups are similarly well-funded, so probably the most smaller groups would possibly not have 40 units of wheels, necessitating additional tire adjustments during the weekend as tires are used. Smartly-heeled firms like Pink Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes have the money to acquire sufficient wheels that they do not have to maintain converting tires on rims during a weekend.

Now, after a lot sweating, toil, and gnashing of tooth, all 10 groups have their tires, and now each and every tire will get wrapped in a tire blanket. No, no longer a blanket like the only your nana quilted for you while you graduated highschool. A tire blanket is a specifically designed wrapper for the tire that has a heating part inbuilt, permitting the tires to stick at a uniform temperature and cut back the period of time it takes for a given compound to warmth up as soon as the auto hits the observe.

F1 tire blankets are particularly attention-grabbing as a result of they’re all marked with the wheel place it is intended for (left entrance, proper rear, and many others.), and they’re plugged into digital controllers that intelligently track how a lot warmth is being put into each and every tire. Past that, the digital controller additionally manages air drive in each and every tire, routinely compensating for such things as warmth and altitude according to what tire compound is getting used. Every set of tires is positioned by itself cart and is able to be wheeled out at a second’s understand.

Every tire, as soon as fastened, is installed its personal electronically managed tire blanket which helps to keep it a relentless high temperature and in addition maintains air drive.


Because the race weekend progresses and more than a few units of tires in more than one compounds are used, Components 1 laws require that groups hand again tires to Pirelli after the 3 loose follow classes. The time table states that one set must be given again after the primary 40 mins of the primary follow, every other set on the finish of the primary follow, two units on the finish of the second one follow and every other two units on the finish of the 3rd follow.

To stay observe of all its tires, with all of the hand-backs and so forth, Pirelli equips each and every tire with a barcode and each and every of its tire techs with a scanner that tracks every tire, making sure that everyone is at the stage.

After the race ends on Sunday, the groups start returning all in their fastened tires to Pirelli, which then is going during the dismounting procedure for all 1,600 tires, crushing the used tires when they are freed from the edges. As soon as the tires are beaten, on the subject of the non-Eu races, they’re put again of their delivery packing containers and despatched again to Pirelli to be analyzed and sooner or later recycled. The edges are then repacked and returned to their respective groups.

The entire to be had tire compounds function their very own distinctive colour code that permits enthusiasts and officers to identify which tires a crew is the usage of at a second’s understand.

Lionel Ng/Pirelli

This similar regimen occurs for each unmarried race at the 21-race calendar. Pirelli makes, strikes, mounts, dismounts, strikes once more, analyzes and recycles 33,600 tires a 12 months for one 10-team racing sequence. It is a large endeavor, one which works on most commonly in the back of the scenes, out of sight of all of the race enthusiasts with their hats and banners however with out the entire onerous paintings installed through the oldsters at Pirelli, there could be no F1 championship.

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