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The Viva Egoista 845, the place excessive high-end audio meets Italian taste – CNET

Behold the majesty of the Viva Egoista 845, some may say it is too massive to be a headphone amp — it is extra similar to an built-in amp — however it is gloriously excessive. Nobody wishes an Egoista 845, however no person wishes a 789 horsepower Ferrari both, however when you’ve got the approach, why no longer? I recall to mind the Egoista 845 because the 812 Superfast of headphone amps, they each exist for moneyed other people who crave the perfect, practicality be damned. This a lot I do know evidently, the Egoista 845’s sound with the most efficient headphones is va-va-voom fabulous. And at $13,800, it is a good deal extra inexpensive than the $335,275 Ferrari 812 Superfast we lined right here at CNET.


The Viva Egoista 845 headphone amplifier.

Viva Audio

My all too transient come upon with the Egoista happened at the Headphone Annex, on the In Living Stereo audio showroom in New York. The amp has been in manufacturing since 2014, however it is simply now that I in spite of everything were given to spend some high quality listening time with it. Egoista indubitably lived as much as my expectancies, the amp’s sound has soul, a whole lot of it.

Energy is rated at 15 watts in line with channel, and whilst that kind of juice is not required with maximum headphones, it is going to come in useful with the innovative breed of headphones just like the Audeze LCD4, Hifiman Susvara and the Abyss AB 1266 headphones. The ones energy hungry beasts have humbled many a high-end headphone amp, however Egoista breathes existence into the ones headphones. I have famous over time that so much of top of the range headphone house owners accumulate headphones, and it is the ones guys who purchase very high-end amplifiers just like the Egoista. It is advisable be wealthy.

The amp lacks virtual connectivity, analog connectivity runs to 4 pairs of stereo RCA inputs, and one direct enter that bypasses the Egoista’s preamp phases. There are separate left and proper channel balanced XLR headphone jacks, two stereo XLR headphone jacks, plus two same old 6.3mm headphone jacks. For technically susceptible readers the Egoista is a 0 unfavourable comments, natural Elegance A circuit design with one 6N1P tube, one 6SN7GTB tube, two 845 tubes, and two EH5U4GB tubes.

The Egoista is hand crafted in Italy, and contours specifically designed output transformers designed to be used completely with headphones.


The Viva Egoista 845, with Focal Utopia headphones to the left. 

Steve Guttenberg/CNET

Whilst you may be expecting the Egoista’s sound may well be overly wealthy and heat with six tubes, it by no means as soon as sounded that means. The sound used to be impartial and stunningly transparent, you by no means were given the sensation the Egoista used to be coloring the sound, it indubitably didn’t.

I listened with a couple of other units of headphones, together with my Abyss AB-1266, and whilst I do know this headphone neatly, it sounded shockingly higher with the Egoista. First the midrange used to be extra herbal with voices, it sounded extra human than I have heard from this or some other headphone sooner than. The purity of the sound, the sheer immediacy of it grabbed and held my consideration. The AB-1266’s out-of-head imaging is all the time a deal with, however it is much more so with the Egoista. The Focal Utopia headphone used to be past bright, or even the extra inexpensive headphones just like the $599 AudioQuest NightHawk used to be remodeled via the Egoista.

If the Viva Egoista 845’s value is out of bounds the corporate additionally provides the reasonably smaller Egoista 2A3 tube headphone amp for $nine,750 in the USA. The costs are for the amps in Viva’s same old painted finishes, customized ordered car paint completed amps are to be had for a $500 upcharge for both Egoista amp.

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